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Related post: Date: Tue, 25 pink loli nude websites May 2004 05:42:53 -0400 From: Sammie G Subject: Rain on Me, Chapter 11CHAPTER 11From: Sammie G Subject: Rain On Me, Chapter 11Disclaimer: This is a FICTIONAL story describing the love triangle of a teenage boy. If you are not over 18 years of lolicon hentai cartoons age, or if you find highwaystar loli this type of story offensive, or viewing lolia mpeg underage this ukrain loli info material is illegal where you are, then refrain from reading it. The story consists of lust, incest, passion, teenage romance, interracial, love and all the rest of the good stuff in that order... Prepare to be rained on.Feel free to send email or comments about the story to - Definition of Rain \ r-an\ v 2: To bestow abundantlyRAIN ON ME ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 11He had me by the hand. I wasn't sure where we were going or why were going there so fast. All I knew was that I was so afraid of him. I was so afraid of what he wanted from me. His hands were sweaty and he didn't seem to care that people were wondering why he was holding my hand as he raced out of the mall. He just kept running. It was becoming We went outside where there was a little cold breeze that blew at the bbs jp loli kir back of my hair. Eric didn't say a word really, he was just taking me somewhere and I went with him almost automatically. I didn't look at him, I tried not to. Robbie had once said being with Eric was awkward. I knew it was. I had begun to sweat just like he was. My hands began to shake and free lolitq bbs xxx once again I felt the feeling that I felt when I just met him. I saw the angry, confused little boy that I had seen in the beginning. He was all the same, all the same...We went to the back parking lot of the mall. It had few cars there but not too many because people rarely even knew there was a back. I didn't at least. There were a few bushes outside, that lead to the Durkwood Forest. I remembered that forest from when I was younger. I would always drive my father crazy running nude model lolitta in there and getting lost. Sometimes he followed me in there, tiny loli porn but sometimes just waited near sex free teen loli the mall until I got hungry and nudist loli pics came back. My father never knew his way around Durkwood Forest, but I did. I didn't know if I could remember though, having been so long ago. I tried to, looking at each tree and trying to find some similarity to the trees in my memory. lolias teen I free loli pedo porn saw none. Everything seemed to have changed. The little treehouse that I had once started but couldn't finish (because I was alone) wasn't there. loli mpg usenet The tree board loliteen that I had carved my initials into had disappeared. Everything was different and this was no longer my forest. As we went deeper I recognized one thing. The little creek that marked a near center of the forest. elwebb loli He let go of my hand when we were coming out of the creek and went down to the bank alone. The water had risen up inside that small creek, probably from all the rain that had been falling from teen xxx loli the sky lately."That guy is no good," he told me and splashed his face with water, "he's trying to get you hentai lolicon preview video into the game.""The loli manga hentai game?""Mr. Night is the leader of the Syndicate. The underground fags who suck dick for money."He spit the word fags, almost as though he couldn't be considered one and spoke it so freely as nude lolipop kid though I couldn't be called one. I had heard of the Syndicate. It wasn't just a group of people but it was a nightclub. One 100 underage loli of the most dangerous clubs in the west side. Straight men, also called 'downlows' would come there to have loli forums sex with boys from the neighborhood. The trade of sex had rarely been such a dangerous thing as it was in the Syndicate. The lack of respect between two males was far more than between a male and a female. It most of the ended up in jealous brawls and furious drug trades gone wrong."Mr. Night can't be the leader, why would the leader be hanging around with me?""He wants you, obviously in more ways then one. Fags like that are probably trying to fuck you and if its good, bully you into workin` in his club.""How do you know this?""He does it to everybody. You are exactly what he wants. He saw that you were hurt, he's trying to take advantage of you."I paused. It was his fault that I was in such pedo loli 12y bad condition. I would have been so very happy if not for him. My eyes were burning almost from remembering when I saw him there. He had hurt me so much, way more than Robbie had. I wasn't used to being so hurt. My heart wasn't so used to being broken. I hated the feeling. It felt almost like there was nothing else going on at the time but 3d incest lolicon that. He looked at me long and hard, almost reading my mind. He turned around and came up to me. The warm passionate kiss I was waiting for was exchanged with a long burning kiss. He squeezed the back of my neck and began to grab onto my love handles loli porn free like he was trying to absorb me. I pushed back at first but gave in, as he pulled me harder. I knew that Eric didn't look like the strong type but he was. His boyish eyes were looking at me the whole time, extremely expressing the babyface that I had grown to love. He had a sort of confidence that I rarely saw when he pulled incest lolicon hentai away from me. He looked like a conceited person."Lets take a hentai loli video galleries swim." "No."There were a thousand reasons that I wanted to give him after I said no, but I just uncensored lolicon gallery said no. My bbs loli info bitterness to him didn't heal from a kiss that was so strong it nearly cut my lips. He had pressed down onto them so hard that I could still feel pressure. I wanted to tell him that I didn't have a bathing suit and that I wasn't a free loli teen sex good swimmer, but instead I just said no. I had put a sort of anger into my response, almost like I was trying to make it sound irritated. He didn't seem to get the idea and he walked up to me, trying to take off my shirt. I pushed his hand out of the way."Don't touch me with those hands!""Damien, chill."He was getting the idea now. I swung my fist at him as a warning and he jumped back. He knew I wasn't trying to intentionally hit japan loli list him, but I could still see the worry in his face. He was beginning to learn how to read me, just like a book. He pedo lolis videos knew that I didn't mean to hit him first, but he did know that if he continued to pursue I would hit him."I just wanted to swim," he told me."Shut up."I know I sounded rude and ignorant, but I pulled away and drove back as though about to leave. I wanted to leave. I wanted to just jump up and run back, but instead I was walking. I had gotten angry, probably because the irritation lolitta sex galleri of the hot sun combined with the itching of my allergies. I wanted confrontation for the first time in a long time. I lolicon forbidden love wanted to make him feel just how he made me feel. I knew he was coming up from behind me. I heard the footsteps and slowly, asian sex lolicon his steps were walking towards me. I felt him nymphet lolit grab me from the back sort of hooking me from around my waist. I swung around twisting my body and swinging my fist at the same time. He did read me...because he dodged everyone of my attempts. There was no backlash that I expected, but there was something. I had given up trying to hit me because he had maxwell preteen child loli somehow managed to hook my hands within his bear hug. He wrestled me slowly until we got near the bank and when I knew what was going to happen."You better not."He jumped off the cliff into the creek. We had went in together and in midair I could see him loosen his grip on me, but at that time it was too late. I did, however, manage to hit him one last time before I lolicon movies clips dove into the cold, dirty forest water. I could feel the water fill up my nostrils as I struggled to pull up to the surface of the water and get some air. The creak was nudist loli very much deeper than I remembered it to be. All of a sudden in this cold water, I began to change my view. The water had become illegal nude lolis a lagoon and the forest trees surrounded me seemed like a darkness that resembled nighttime. The darkness that surrounded us made it seem almost like night time as the great shadow of trees formed over me. I had struggled to get to the top, but on the top realized that I could not see Eric. I looked around counting the lolicon nudist seconds that he were staying under there. At first it became cute, then amazing and then suspicious."Eric! Eric!"There was no response. I could taste the sea water and begin to see a future. A future that wasn't without Eric. The anger I was feeling suddenly had began to sink to a great depressing. I remembered Mr. Night's words. What if Eric was dead so suddenly? I wasn't ready for it. No one would sympathize with me if he died. No one cared that I loved him. We were unaccepted. If he was dead, I would have loved ftp lolicon in vain, given my heart up in vain. I had begun to feel that deep depression. There was a great emptiness within me. 'Don't fall loli girlz yo too deep in love,' Mr. Night had told me. His words were danish loli something like a curse now haunting me. I realized how I felt now. I had allowed myself to fall to deep in love and now he was he was..."AH HA!"There was a big splash of water as the arms grabbed my feet and then ran up my body until the petite loli models movies familiar head of Eric came out loli young nn forum of the water. He was very much alive. His face was asian lolit bbs a little red, but he had a smile on that was wider than anything. I didn't smile. I couldn't smile. I only leaned in and kissed him long and hard. I kissed him the same way he kissed me."Hey! I should fake my death more often," he said at the moment when I had stopped kissing him to get some air.I sat on his chest as he backstroked, all the while kissing him. We went near the bank. My clothes felt so wet, so soaked in the dirty forest water. There was a fierce dampness but I didn't feel cold. I felt almost warm, swimming in that dark pool like a little kid. I was driven almost and betrayed by my own heart. loli forum nude So happy to see him, so angry to know that Mr. Night was right all this time. This love had hurt me and was going to hurt me until I found some happy medium. Still, I didn't know what it was and the russian teen loli hardcore passion in this love would not let me leave him.My dick seemed to get harder in water and he noticed it. He seemed to be better at floating on the top of the water so his body was higher than mine. His leg was pressed up my furious cock and I could feel the anger of the moment. I was so angry and he was so angry. Our tongues did not kiss warmly and affectionately, but clashed together. Everything was so wet. Precum began to drip so thickly that it felt like I was cummin. My passion had pretty young loli galleries begun to boil and I wanted to see if he was feeling the same thing. I pushed my hand down, scared at first but still very horny. I touched his cock with my hand, while struggling to keep afloat. He stopped kissing me and look at me."The water is lolia underground porn shallow over here."He knew what I wanted to do. He knew that my puberty had turned me into some sort of feign that could not live another second without him. We swam near the bank, where the water was so shallow that I could stand if I stood on my tip toes.I was silenced, taken by it all but was began to make my fear into nothing. I was horrified. My state of well being was beginning to collapse. The protective wall that I had built up was beginning to collapse into brown rubble.He began to loli cunny kiss me but not on my lips. He was kissing me on my neck dark angel preteen loli sexe et lolitta and driving down to my nipples. He leaned me onto the side of the bank, so that my arms were on the dirt. He completely unbuttoned my shirt and threw it to the grass so that he could get full access to my nipples. His lips engulfed my nipples fully, thoroughly. I began to undress him too, pulling off his shirt and trying to unzip his denims. I pulled them off completely and threw them on the bank. His shoes came off and so did my shoes. His pants came off and then my pants came off. We had gone so on until we somehow managed to be completely naked in the shallow water. We were so messy, much like animals. I wanted it so bad. I began to moan, just from his kissing me. He muttered something, but I couldn't here because it was in the middle of him sucking my link lolit porn nipples and moving down to my belly button. I massaged his back as he leaned over, drawing up at the bone that I could see on his caramel colored skin. I moved down to the small crack of his tan colored ass. I wanted to finger him but he wasn't bending over enough and I didn't have enough reach. So I just played around it and went into ecstacy as he slid his tongue around my belly button. I didn't have a very deep belly button, not deep at all in fact, but it felt so good!"UghhH! I lolicon little angels love how u make me feel, lick it for me! I want you so much.""Well aren't you the horny lolicon pics forum one?"He barely whispered it but when I heard it we let out a laugh. It felt so good to laugh. The laugh sort of calmed down the hot desire for passion that I was feeling and the anger I felt towards him for cheating on me. It also let go of the crazy depression that I have been feeling and continued to feel during that tim I turned around and pressed my ass against his dick a little. I knew he was very young loli sex completely surprised by this. So was I. I had gotten so emotional all of a sudden that I felt like any moment loli incest asian forum I would break down and start crying. My ass wasn't hungry, my dick was, but I could see young loliyta that his dick was just as hungry as mine. I could imagine how much porno lolitq he missed me and how much he wanted me after this long fight."Damien, no you're not ready.""Yes I am."He paused and sort of pushed against my ass checks to keep me from backing up onto his dick. It felt so good when he pushed at them. He was almost grabbing them. I felt almost secure and safe in a world where I was afraid. The water rushed against my ass, into it. I was beginning lolicon nude pics to want it and to yearn for it."I won't let you do this just because you are horny, russian lolis boards Damien.""What you don't like me any more? Or you think that the guy lolis xxx land you had sex with at the party lolitta girls had a better lolicon sex incest ass than mine?"I was serious, feeling the anger rising up against and feeling the passion rising even higher. "I can't believe you said that! I just don't want you to let me have something that you aren't ready to give. What happened at the party had nothing to do with you.""Then what did it have to do with?"He paused silent. He knew that it did have to do with me but was too embarrassed to say anything. We were download lolitta mpeg standing close, so close that our faces were almost touching and I could feel him against me. His dick was still hard, probably from still being so close to me, but I could see his mind wasn't still thinking about having sex."You did it because I wasn't letting you fuck me in the ass. So you went elsewhere to find it. It didn't have to do with love. You loved me enough but your dick hated me. Your dick wanted to have me and it consumed your mind.""Damien...""No, listen. I love you and if it means giving up my ass I'll do that to keep you. Our love is spiritual not physical. loli underage There is nothing that I should've withdrawn from you."He had begun to cry. A wet sort of depressing cry. He leaned into me and hugged little lolia me until our bodies collided in every fashion. I could feel him against me, against my body. His warm hands caressing me as he began to cry on my shoulder."Damien, I love you. I love you. It was an accident. I was led by my body. I don't want you to give yourself up to me. I don't deserve it. I love you Damien."I took him by the hand and led him up the bank where the cool grass was. His chinese loli pics naked body in the dark shadows seemed to twinkle and fill me with desire. His soft natural abs held droplets of water and his warm kind face had droplets of tears filling them. I watched as he stood waiting for me, as I let go of his hand and walked to my coat pocket taking out a bottle of lotion that I cgiworld images loli had taken with me. He wasn't smiling or happy at all, but he still seemed to be so sad. He was crying desperately, in an emotional state that I couldn't wonder. He laid on the grass his back against the grass and I climbed up over him. I touched his chest, caressing it slowly as I lifted my ass and tried to put the lubricant in."Wait I don't have a condom!""I love you," I repeated almost non nude loli as though it excused the need for a condom. I couldn't how he was talking at a time like this. I loli teens sex could feel his dick growing back to full as I put some lube over it and stroked it a little. His face was so beautiful against the ground. It seemed to be like a star. I was giving up what most men held close to them. It was my manhood in some ways and in some ways it was just my ass."Damien, I don't deserve this. All nude lolicon I wanted was you to at least free downloadable lolicon movies talk to me. I don't deserve your body after what I did to you. I will never hurt you again! Your all I have in this lolite 12 years world. You don't know how it felt to hurt you so bad!"I put my finger on his lips to shut him up. He was sounding romantic but also letting me know so much when I was concentrating most of feeling him inside of me. I wanted one emotion at a time. I softly began to sit on his dick, feeling the warmth of it go into illegal lolits me. It was a sharp pain at first and I gasped a little. I could feel his hands coming up underneath me as though to ease hard lolit me down onto it. I trust him. I put my hands up on my knees and let him guide me down on him. His hands moved me 14 yo pics loli down about an inch slowly and brought me back up slowly. It felt almost like having your body suddenly become complete and fully occupied. I finally felt as though Eric was truly part of me. I pushed my weight on him more to let him know it was ok. It didn't hurt anymore. His dick went deeper into me. free mpeg loli pre I could feel every part of it. I could feel the softness of the shaft and the warmth that suddenly took its place. He had slowly dropped me at first looking right into my eyes and even when is showed the slightest bit of pain, he drew me up and asked me if I was ok He had leaned himself up a little bit so that now I was close enough to kiss him. Our lips embraced but the true passion was in his cock driving up my ass. I began to grind my hips into him, moving up and down freely with no pain to be heard of. I knew that the work part of it was over when I heard him moan for the first time. It felt so good to hear him do that and watch him close his eyes in lolitta slut young a sudden ecstacy. I would make him feel complete and let him in the way I never did before. He was right...he would never cheat on me again."Ughh, I love you Damien. I feels so good. I never felt anything like it before."I knew that he had though. He had loli boy top lolicon tgp incest toons fucked someone else before, but I had never been fucked before. The experience for me was something else. I began to moan from satisfaction well into it, when I was truly free to ride up and down his cock and have the feeling of pleasure fill both our bodies. we were so underground lolits close. I had curled up into his chest and almost every part of our bodies were touching one another. It was almost like we were one. And he had begun to hump harder, fuller after he was certain that I was enjoying it."O, yea! Fuck me Eric!""I never been so happy in my magic loli bbs image life.""Harder! HARDER!"He shut my mouth with a kiss and began to drive his dick into my ass slowly, almost trying to get the full nude loli model experience out of it. He grinded against me, switching positions as he put me face down on the ground and went over me. He put more lotion into my ass and began to run his cock through my ass cheeks. This time he was in full control. He still went slow though, first rubbing his cock lolicon art image galleries around my little lolis xxx ass cheeks, making sure all the precum was there and then going into me. It took him a while, because of the thickness in my cheeks and his anxiousness, but nymphet loli anal when he got it in it felt like the same heaven."Shit Damien, I'm about to cum!" he said after ten more minutes of exploring me. Ten more minutes where I felt the power of him within me slowly creating me."Do it inside of me," I told him. He japanese loli imgboard complied, slowly pounding into me but then speeding it up as his orgasm was at hand. He fucked me thoroughly now, until I could hear him breath hard a little."Here it comes! Oh SHITTTTTT!"I at first felt a small moistness on me but then began to feel my ass being pumped with warm sperm that felt like it was being planted inside of my stomach. I tried to look at the beautiful face of Eric while he kept thoroughly rushing into me. He didn't pull out when he was done, but laid down flat on my back, his dick still implanted kids loli porno in me, not as hard but still holding its weight. At first I was gonna ask him what he was doing like that, but then I saw how it made me feel. I didn't want to end the moment and he was just finding a way to prolonge it. I could see him there, resting inside of me and on top of me. He was breathing heavily when he kissed the back of my neck. His body remained on top loli photography my preteen lolit sex mine and his dick remained in me as he talked."I love you Damien.""Me too. But where do we go from here?"He stuttered, "I guess back to the old house, back to Robbie and lolitta porn videos trouble.""I wonder if anything lolias shy is 14 yr loli nudist gonna be different this time," he proposed, rubbing his hands against the top of mine and then grasping them tightly.I spoke easily, 15 age lolity "I don't want difference. Mr. Night thinks that you and I are cursed. He thinks we will only fall into a deeper love, one that will never be complete because we can't get married or loli foros have children. He says that it is wrong for two men to fall in love."He kissed the back of my neck."I don't believe in Mr. Night. I believe in you. You are my lover, Damien. If the world has a problem with that, then we will face them all together. I have given up everything that I had for you Damien. My family and friends hentai lolicon forum call me a fag now. They don't know anything about us. No one knows anything about us. I don't need a child or marriage to propose lolity bestiality toons my love for you. I'm not gay but I love you. They don't understand and truthfully they don't have to."
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